Since its foundation in 2008, Raise and Support the Poor has been able to make a true and visible difference in its community. We are proud and pleased to report the completion of the following projects:

Completed in 2009 and 2016:

Completed in 2015:

Completed in 2013:

Completed in 2011:

Schools in Domdek and Toul Khpous: Two schools for hundreds of children

Between 2001 and 2009, Raise and Support the Poor built a school compound which includes three buildings at Wat Angtonlap (Domdek Village) in Preynheat Commune, Kongpisey District, Kampong Speu Province. One of the schools was sponsored by UNICEF while the remaining two were financed through local and international fundraising activities.

The buildings are each 10 metres wide by 40 metres long and house five classrooms each. Students of the local villages are free to register and are encouraged to attend school as regularly as possible. As of October 2014, 328 children attend Khmer class, while 126 students follow English lessons, making the project a highly successful and sustainable investment in the futures of these children.

In 2016, a second school was opened in the village of Thoul Khpous.

Community Kids Kitchen House: Providing food for almost 500 students and orphans

The Community Kids Kitchen House at Angtonlap School awas completed between 2013 and 2015. The kitchen provides food to the almost 500 students who attend the school and the 16 orphans who live on the compound. It contains a fully equipped kitchen, food storage, a space for cleaning and sanitation and bedrooms upstairs for the orphans.  

This kitchen is also used to provide food service to the adjacent RSP hospital, so that anyone making use of RSP’s facilities will be given healthy, tasty and nutritional food. It serves to strengthen the sense of unity and support that RSP works to provide.

We thank all our donors for their support in the realization of this wonderful project!

The Peace Ponds: Two water reserves for drought relief

The annual droughts are a life-threatening concern for the communities of rural Cambodia. In order to alleviate the problems of farmers and inhabitants of their neighbouring communities, RSP has built two water reserves. The Peace Pond behind the school at Wat Angtonlap was completed in March 2013. This project was sponsored by the Cambodian community in Paris and Lyon in France. The pond is 65 x 55 x 8 meters and supplies the community with water for agricultural needs. The pond will also act as a water reserve for the hospital and the water tanks which will be built on the school grounds in the coming years.

A second pond was completed at the school in Toul Khpous Village in April 2013. This pond is 75 x 60 x 3 metres and has made a meaningful difference to the community. RSP is deeply grateful to the Cambodian community in Paris, France for funding this important project.

RSP Library: A community library doubling as an orphanage

Since May 2011, the school grounds at Wat Angtonlap have also been home to a two-storey library which is open to all who wish to make use of the books and educational materials it contains. The library’s construction was funded by local fundraising efforts and international donors.

The library has proven to be a valuable resource for teachers and students and serves a large number of individuals every day. It is also a communal space for students to do homework and interact with teachers, family, friends and fellow students. Since its completion, the library has become an unmissable facility for the RSP community and an essential part of its continued education.

In addition, the second floor provides a living area for orphans, a safe place for these children to live and learn with the support of the surrounding community.

Sanitary Facilities: Basic hygiene on school compounds

Between 2009 and 2011, the local community funded the construction of four toilets at Angtonlap School as well as two toilets at the Toul Khpous School. All the toilets are equipped with clear water and soap so that students can apply what they learned in their hygiene classes.


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