Raise and Support the Poor (RSP) is a Cambodian non-governmental non-profit organization. Our mission is to bring health, education and opportunity to marginalized children in the Cambodian countryside. 

An independent grassroots organization

Raise and Support the Poor is proud to be a grassroots organization. At RSP, local volunteers work together to address the problems they encounter in their own community.

The organization was established by a group of Buddhist Monks from Wat Ounalom, the capital of Cambodian Buddhism, in 2007. Disturbed by the poverty they witnessed around them, they devoted themselves to serving the poor as best they can. The organization is headed by Buddhist monk Sareth Brak who is supported in his daily work by a group of devoted volunteer staff and a large network of international donors.

RSP supports the promotion of non-violence, lectures against the use of violence within the family unit and the community, and promotes a loving and safe environment. RSP does not judge or discriminate based on religion or complexion. We are not under the influence of any particular political party or person; RSP is self-governed and works with the sole purpose of serving the poor and marginalized.

Development through education

At Raise and Support the Poor, we believe that all children have the right to live in dignity, good health and safety. They are entitled to a good education, which provides them with the opportunity to better their own lives as well as the lives of the people in their community. We believe that education is crucial to the alleviation of poverty.

By providing marginalized children and adults, with education, medical care and life skills, RSP enables them to lift themselves and their communities out of their difficulties.

Sustainability through participation

Community leadership and participation are key principles of the work of RSP, as we are convinced that sustainable development can only be achieved when the people themselves take responsibility for the process of improving their own lives. RSP sees itself as a facilitator and a resource of guidance for the communities in which it is active. Therefore, local community members play a vital role in all of RSP’s projects and efforts.

Enabling children to realize their potential

Our vision is one in which not only the children of Cambodia but all children of the world are able to realize their full potential as human beings and members of their local and global communities, in a way that respects human rights and human dignity.