While education is the key to sustainable development, good health is where is all starts. That is why RSP is continually working to improve the health of the people in its community. The strategy is two-pronged and aimed both towards the treatment of disease as well as its prevention.

Access to (emergency) healthcare

Until very recently, the people living in RSP’s community were forced to travel to Phnom Penh for (emergency) health services – a 1.5 hour tuk-tuk ride away – at the risk of being refused treatment upon arrival if they were unable to afford the necessary treatment. As a consequence, children and adults in rural areas, unable to travel or fearing financial dept, often die from diseases which can easily be treated.

By bringing basic healthcare services to the countryside by means of its Hospital Project, RSP is in the process of permanently changing this situation for the better.

Raising awareness

Due to lack of information, people in the countryside are often unaware of preventive methods against diseases. Similarly, there is little knowledge available about the benefits of balanced nutrition and basic oral hygiene, resulting in many children showing advanced tooth decay by the age of five.

In order to change this situation, RSP started the Children Smile Dental Care Project in 2017.

Hospital Project: Healthcare for 10.000 people

The Hospital Project is RSP’s most ambitious undertaking to date. Once finished, the four-storey building will provide healthcare for 10.000 people in 25 surrounding villages.

Project Details

Dental Care Project: A healthy smile for 3000 children

The Dental Care Project aims to address the severe health problems caused by dental decay in vulnerable children through both treatment as well as prevention.

Project Details


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