Health Program

Good health is where it all starts. RSP is dedicated to providing its community with access to basic and emergency healthcare, as well as to preventing disease through raising awareness about nutrition and hygiene. Find out how you can support our Health Program!

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Education Program

Providing access to education is one of the key objectives of RSP. Find out how you can get involved in our Education Program and help us provide hundreds of children and young adults with the opportunity to receive primary, secondary, or even higher education.

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Learn all about the positive changes RSP is making in its community: from drought relief for dozens of farmers, to schools for hundreds of children, and a hospital for thousands of people. Here are some of the achievements RSP is proud to look back on.

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Education Projects
Smiling boy in RSP classroom
School Project
Young student with her new bicycle
Bicycle Project
Srey Neang, RSP student and teacher
Scholarship Program
Smiling student in RSP classroom
“Children Smile” Project

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Health Projects
Baby receiving medication
Hospital Project
Young boy brushing his teeth
Dental Care Project

“I have been working with RSP for more than seven years now. I have visited the project sites on several occasions and every time I was amazed at how far Sareth Brak has brought his community through RSP.”

Anneke Thijssen, The Netherlands

“I support RSP because it’s a grassroot organization. In my opinion, sustainable development can only be achieved when the initiative is deeply rooted in the local community – and RSP is an exemplary case of exactly that!”

Annika Tangena, Germany

We have supported RSP for nearly eight years now and we are absolutely positive about the true and sincere use to which our donations are being put. We feel our money is so well spent that we could hardly think of any better way to do a good thing and feel good about it at the same time.

Reinhold Schmidt-Dossow, Germany