Students of Tomorrow Scholarship: from high school to university

With help from our sponsors, RSP will ensure that each year, a number of particularly gifted students will be able to attend university in Phnom Penh and complete a study of their choice.

For 2017/18, twelve students have been selected for the Students of Tomorrow Program, ten of whom are still looking for sponsors. Who will you sponsor?



Tuition fees

Depending on the major, a full scholarship covering the cost of tuition requires between US$ 700 (e.g. for Accounting) and US$ 1,500 (e.g. Medicine).

We encourage donors to assume (shared) sponsorship for one or more students, preferably for the entire duration of their studies. Depending on the major, a complete degree takes between two and five years.

Living expenses

Around US$ 130 per month will cover a student's expenses for food and accommodation in Phnom Penh. We welcome any and all funds for this part of the scholarship program.

Total Funds Needed (Tuition Fees): US$ 11,300
Total Funds Needed (Living Expenses): US$ 16,896


Project Description and Budget Plan

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