Healthcare for 10,000 people

The Hospital Project is RSP’s most ambitious undertaking to date. The project is divided into four stages:

  • Construction of a Medical Clinic (2015-2019)
  • Construction of a Hospital Watertank
  • Construction of a Long-term Care Facility
  • Organization of an Ambulance Service

Once finished, the RSP Hospital Project will provide healthcare for 10,000 people in 25 surrounding villages. It will be located on the school ground of  RSP’s Angtonlap School in Domdek Village.

Stage 1: Medical Clinic

The RSP Medical Clinic is 11 meters wide, 16 meters long, and will eventually be 17 meters high. Each floor has been designed to have its own function and will include the following:

Ground Floor (opened for service in April 2017)

  • check-in and waiting area
  • treatment room
  • dispensary
  • operating room
  • delivery room
  • sanitation room
  • four toilets

First/Second Floor (currently under construction)

  • 16 beds (eight beds per floor) for in-house patients
  • treatment room

Third Floor

  • meeting hall,
  • recreational room,
  • accommodation for volunteer doctors,
  • two toilets,
  • two bathrooms

Total Funds Needed: US$ 137,440


Project Description and Budget Plan

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Stage 2: Hospital Watertank

The construction of a watertank is an essential part of the Hospital Project. It will be installed next to the Peace Pond where it will purify the water and funnel it to the Medical Clinic. This means that the water can be used for sanitation, cooking, and other medical needs. The watertank will have a capacity of 10.000 litres for daily clinic service.

Stage 3: Long-term Care Facility

Upon completion of the Medical Clinic and the Hospital Watertank, RSP is planning to construct a neighbouring building for long-term patients. If a patient requires care for more than two weeks, he or she can be moved to the long-term care facility in order to receive proper treatment while making room for new patients. 

Stage 4: Ambulance Service

The RSP community covers an area of approximately 20 square kilometres. An ambulance coming from Phnom Penh can take up to 1,5 hour, just one way. If families lack the funds to pay for it, an ambulance may not even be sent out. With RSP’s own ambulance, people who live far away and need emergency care can be transported to the hospital without concerns or delay.

Once the hospital is fully equipped to maintain the use of an ambulance, RSP will being raising funds for its purchase and personnel. The hospital’s design includes a back entrance to the building, suitable for ambulance personnel and an ambulance stretcher. This entrance has been strategically placed to protect any children from witnessing possibly disturbing scenes.