Celebrating the end of exams – and the beginning of a new year

The “Children Smile” project supports one of the highlights of every RSP student’s academic year: a big “School’s Out” celebration. This annual celebration has been held since 2010 with great success and does exactly what its name suggests: it puts a big smile on our students’ faces.

Gift-giving ceremony

In Cambodia, students take their exams just before the Khmer New Year in April. After the exams are over, RSP hosts a big party with music, food and dancing to celebrate the end of the exams and welcome the New Year. Students receive gifts, such as bicycles, books, pens, study bags, dictionaries and some students are even treated to a trip to Phnom Penh to see the sights.

Encourage our students to do well

At RSP, we aim to provide students with an academic experience they will look back upon with joy and pride for the rest of their lives. We would like to keep encouraging students to do well in school and enjoy the sense of community and purpose they can find in education.

Are you interested in keeping this wonderful tradition alive? Any donations for gifts or the organisational costs of the event are most welcome!

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